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This is the best book ever written on how to practice at the piano! Learn the most efficient practice methods, musical playing, relaxation, and Mental Play (playing the piano or the music in your mind) which has been neglected by most teachers; all great musicians used it, yet mostly failed to teach it systematically. Mental play impacts every aspect of piano playing: memorizing, acquiring technique, controlling nervousness, developing performance skills, playing musically, acquiring absolute pitch, composing, improvisation, etc.

This book explains why exercise methods such as Hanon, Czerny, etc., should be avoided because they delay your development as a pianist/musician. Instead, we must learn the quickest methods of memorizing and technique acquisition (such as practicing hands separately and then together, segmental practice, outlining, use of Parallel Sets "Chord Attack"?), the incredibly diverse hand motions, how to avoid/eliminate speed walls, etc. Improved memory can raise the effective IQ; memory is an associative process based on algorithms and music is such an algorithm, enabling us to become super-memorizers with hours of repertoire. Genius is more created than born; most of what had been attributed to talent are simple knowledge-based solutions that we can all learn, and are taught in this book. Learning piano makes you smarter and teaches project management, which is useful at school, at work, and at home.

Includes chapter on tuning your piano. The chromatic scale, temperaments, circle of fifths, etc., are explained from mathematical, historical, and music theory points of view.

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