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Time Required: 45 minutes


Define a function.Given either the domain or range value of a function, determine the other using a graph.Using function notation, evaluate the value for a variety of functions given both numeric and algebraic expressions.Solve real world application problems involving functions.Determine the appropriate domain for a real world functional situation.Prerequisites:

Evaluating expressionsReading graphsIntroduction to function, domain and range, and functional notation, and factoringDescription:

The purpose of this activity is to reinforce the concept of function and the use of functional notation rather than to teach the concepts.

This lab looks at input/output pictures to emphasize that a function has only one output for every input even through the output need not be unique. Using functional notation, students determine both range and domain values from a graph and then do the same for a variety of given functional equations. The real world applications include a piecewise function (cell phone costs) and require the student to find a variety of values as well as determining realistic domains.

This lab is a good summative activity to reinforce the concept of function and the use of functional notation. It can be used as an in-class follow-up activity after students have been introduced to the concepts. This activity also makes a good take-home quiz.

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