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Full-length Mathematics Courses

This folder contains full-length mathematics courses:

  • Geometry in Art & Architecture
  • Elementary Statistics

Collection Contents

In this course, we explore the many places where the fields of art and mathematics overlap. We will expose students to a wide range of art, covering a long historical period and a great variety of styles. Topics may include: sculpture in ancient Greece, use of proportion in art, perspective, perspective machines and cameras, golden section, knots, and symmetry, Twentieth-century geometric art, chaos, and fractals. The slide lecture format will be varied by demonstrations, hands-on class projects, guest lecturers, films, videos, computer graphics, and perhaps a field trip.
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Elementary Statistics is an introduction to data analysis course that makes use of graphical and numerical techniques to study patterns and departures from patterns. The student studies randomness with emphasis on understanding variation, collects information in the face of uncertainty, checks distributional assumptions, tests hypotheses, uses probability as a tool for anticipating what the distribution of data may look like under a set of assumptions, and uses appropriate statistical models to draw conclusions from data. The course introduces the student to applications in engineering, business, economics, medicine, education, the sciences, and other related fields. The use of technology (computers or graphing calculators) will be required in certain applications.
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