Frindle Lesson Plan Aid

Author: Andrew Clements

Subject: Boy invents new word

Setting: New Hampshire, USA, contemporary

Nick tries to avoid homework assignments by diverting his teachers in class so that they forget to assign homework. In fifth grade, he tries to distract Mrs. Granger, his very strict teacher, by inventing the word frindle. She appears to fight him on this project, but soon all the students are using the new word. Years later, he discovers that she was always on his side.


Lexile Measure: 830L
Grade Level: 4
Genre: Fiction
Sub-Genre: Realistic
Gender of Character: Female


Introduction to Book Punch
Book Punch guides students through the steps of thinking and writing about well-known core literature. Students write paragraphs responding to interactive writing prompts. The program tutors students to develop ideas and organize their thinking about what they have read.


In the story, Nick Allen likes to stir things up. He is full of creative ideas that he carries out in school to the delight of his classmates. Think about a creative activity you would like to put into action in your school. Write about a creative activity you would like to carry out in your school.

In the story, the author gives an excellent description of Nick's fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Granger. Write a paragraph describing Mrs. Granger's physical characteristics and her personality.
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