Welcome to FreeReading's Intervention A, a reading intervention program for small groups of one to six kindergarten or first grade students who need additional help with phonological awareness and phonics.

FreeReading is currently used by educators in all 50 states and in over 160 countries. FreeReading Intervention A is the first open-source instructional program to be approved through an official state adoption. The state of Florida recently approved FreeReading as a supplemental reading program that state schools may use during the 2008-2009 school year. To see how FreeReading correlates to Florida state instructional standards, click here. To learn more about FreeReading and the advantages of the program, click here.

The program consists of multiple overlapping strands of instruction (click any title to read more about that strand): Instructional Strands Strand Description Phonological Awareness Students learn to blend and segment the sounds in spoken words. Letter Sounds Students learn to say the most common sound for printed letters. Letter Writing Students learn the correct way to write letters. Sounding Out Students put everything they have learned so far together, so that they can take a regular word in print, such as sat, produce the letter-sound pattern, sssaaat, and blend to produce the word, sat. For the first time, they read words. Word-Form Recognition Students take a regular word in print and say it without sounding out aloud Irregular Words Students learn to read high-frequency irregular words such as the and was by sight. Reading Connected Text Students learn to read their first sentence-long stories. Letter Combinations Students learn to say the most common sounds for letter combinations such as sh and oa and correctly decode VCe words. Irregular Words II Students expand the set of high-frequency irregular words that they can read by sight. Advanced Phonics Students learn to read word families, compound words, contractions, double-letter words, silent-letter words, -ed words, and -s words.

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This folder contains lessons for weeks 1 through 40 for the FreeReading Phonics curriculum. This resource is part of the FreeReading Phonics collection.
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FreeReading includes many high-quality materials for classroom use. Everything you need to teach Intervention A is here. This resource is part of the FreeReading Phonics collection.
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