Statement: “Practice Makes Perfect.”

Step #1: Select your stand:

Strongly Agree Agree Strongly Disagree Disagree

Step #2: Write down the reason(s) for choosing your answer in the space below.

Step #3: Next, move to the appropriate corner. In your “corner” group:

-Discuss your opinion about the statement with your group (use notes from Step #2 to help you).

-Collaborate as a group to come up with a position statement to present to the rest of the class who decided to go to a different corner. The purpose of the statement is to persuade the rest of the class that your choice is better than the other possibilities.

Use the space below to organize some key points:

Step #4: Share your position and debate! Discuss your group’s position about the statement with the rest of the class. As statements are presented you may change corners.

Step #5: Closing reflection. Identify the ideas that influenced your position the most. Please use the space below.

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