Flat Stanley Lesson Plan Aid

Author: Jeff Brown

Subject: Adventures of a flat boy

Setting: New York City, NY, USA, contemporary

Stanley wakes up one morning flat as a pancake. He adjusts with good humor to life in this shape and has a series of adventures before becoming three-dimensional again.

Lexile Measure: 640L
Grade Level: 3
Genre: Fiction
Sub-Genre: Fantasy
Gender of Character: Male

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In the story, Stanley is sent via airmail to visit his friend in California. Imagine that Flat Stanley was sent to visit you. What would you show him in your town or city? Write a paragraph describing something you would show Stanley in your town or city.

Some people find it safer to carry on as usual after something extraordinary has happened. In the story, Stanley's mother takes him to the doctor to have him checked out. Write a paragraph describing what happens at the doctor's office.
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