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In this Math I/Math I Support course, students will explore specific aspects of the six Family of Functions and be able to graph and identify each by key characteristics.

Group Size: Any

Learning Objectives:
A. Identify functions by graph and equation
B. Identify critical points and slope
C. Identify characteristics: Domain and range, zeros and intercepts, max and min, end behavior, and increase and decrease
C. Graph equation
D. Write equations from graph
E. Identify parent graphs.

Guiding Question:

How do we identify and graph each of the family of functions?


Presentation materials: PowerPoint & Promethean flipscharts from Valdosta High School Math I Team, graph paper, colored pencils, construction paper for graphic organizer,

Additional materials. Textbook: Georgia High School Mathematics 1. McDougal Littell, 2008.Workbook: Math 1: Georgia Notetaking Guide. McDougal Littell, 2008.Test Prep: Georgia Mathematics 1: Test Preparation and Practice. McDougal Littell, 2008.Coach: Georgia GPS Edition Standards Based Instruction. Triumph Learning. 2009. Procedures:
What do students need to learn to be able to answer the Essential Question? Answer Assessment Prompts: Assessment Prompt #1: White Board: Identify family of function equations: x1, x2, ?x?, x3, ?x, 1/x (Math I Concept 2 Promethean Flipchart page 12.)Assessment Prompt #2: White Board/Promethean: Identify parent graphs (Math I Concept 2 Promethean Flipchart page 80.)Assessment Prompt #3: Graph the parent graphs by completing a graphic organizer.

Quiz: Math I Concept 2 PowerPoint or Promethean Flipchart

Day One Ticket out the Door: Georgia Mathematics 1: Test Prep and Practice (McDougal Littell, 2007. ISBN-13: 9780-618-92023-5).

Day Two 3-2-1 Draw 3 linear graphs, Draw 2 quadratic graphs, Draw 1 Absolute Value graph

Day Three (if necessary): Find the critical points on samples of each type of graph

Answer Key or Rubric:
Answer Key: Included within Promethean charts, text and resource materialsAP #1: Math I Concept 2 Promethean Flipchart page 14AP # 2: Math I Concept 2 Promethean Flipchart page 80

Benchmark or Standards: Georgia Performance Standards for Math I/Math I Support

MM1A1.a: How do we represent functions using function notation?
MM1A1.b: How do we graph and write equations for each of the Family of Functions?
MM1A1.c: How do we graph transformations of functions?
What are the characteristics of a function and how do you use them?
MM1A1.e: How do we use graphs and tables to investigate behavior of functions?

MM1A1.f: How do we recognize sequences as functions with domains that are whole numbers?
MM1A1.g: How do constant rates of change compare to variable rates of change within the Family of Functions?
MM1A1.h: How do we determine graphically and algebraically whether a function has symmetry and whether it is odd, even, or neither?
MM1A1.i: How do we interpret an equation in x, and its solutions as f(x) = g(x) and show where they intersect?

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