Listen carefully to the dramatic video clip included for insight into the increasing challenges and tensions between American colonists and British soldiers in the early 1760's. Source:

In 1754, the British go to war to take what the French and Indians possess, fertile land and fur trade. Years later the British win — but the war is very costly. The British begin a campaign of increasing taxes on the colonists to pay for the war. They increase the number of British soldiers in the colonies, making sure the colonists pay their taxes and preventing them from settling in the newly won Western territories. The British soldiers must put down public protest by colonists who believe the British Parliament is treating them unfairly. The colonists must put up with the imposing presence of the king’s men and families in their daily lives.

Focus Areas:

  • Colonists resent being forced to give more (e.g., taxes, quartering soldiers).
  • Colonists shift their identity from loyal subjects of the king to being American.
  • British view themselves as superior over colonists.

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