Frontline covers an investigation of British Petroleum's Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster which occurred in the summer of 2010, and the full program can be watched online here. Visitors can read the transcripts of "Interviews" with various high-ranking government officials and two journalists. A box entitled "Highlights", that is contained within each transcript, allows visitors to quickly see what questions will be addressed by Frontline in this program. A few examples include, "At what point does a company's record raise red flags?", "Why penalties for environmental crimes are limited", and "The early warning signs of BP's problems". The "Blowout Video" tab is for visitors interested in seeing three videos and several photographs of the Deepwater Horizon's explosion and fire that occurred in late April. The "BP's Troubled Past" tab thoroughly catalogs BP's past environmental transgressions and also offers links to many of the sources that are cited in the story.

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