Students will explore student created PowerPoint presentations. Students will look for positive and negative attributes of each PowerPoint presentation. For example, what are some things you really liked about the PowerPoint (those things that really stuck out in your mind)? What are some things you didn't like or distracted you from the PowerPoint's intent?

Students will become more familiar with what PowerPoint presentations entail. They will also become familiar with PowerPoint vocabulary learned in the previous lesson. The ultimate goal is that students will become interested and eager to have the opportunity to create their own!

Time Allotment:

90 minutes (two 45 minute class periods)

The Task:

Your goal is to work with a partner or independently to navigate through some student created PowerPoint presentations on the Internet.

You will take two-column notes on each PowerPoint you view in order to notate the positive and negative attributes of each PowerPoint. You need to try and use the PowerPoint vocabulary words that you've learned!

After viewing the PowerPoint and taking two-column notes, you'll use a scoring rubric to score the PowerPoint to see what kind of grade the student would have received who created the PowerPoint.

In conclusion, you'll choose one of the PowerPoint's to write a short summary about the PowerPoint's content, positive attributes (embedding as much vocabulary as you've learned that is appropriate), negative attributes (utilizing as many vocabulary words as you've learned that is appropriate), and the grade the student would have received according to the rubric.

The Process:

  1. Decide if you are working independently or with a partner
  2. Find a partner if you're going to work with a partner
  3. Go to a computer, and click on the Internet
  4. Visit the following links and click on two or more of the PowerPoint presentations in order to view them:
  7. As you visit the above links take two-column notes (use vocabulary appropriately), remember you're looking for positive and negative attributes! You and your partner only need to turn in one copy.
  8. Use the scoring rubric to score the PowerPoint (You and your partner need to score the PowerPoint).
  9. Log off your computer and return to your seats (if you're working with a partner sit by them)
  10. Compare and discuss your scoring rubrics for each PowerPoint
  11. Now, return to your own seat
  12. Choose one of the PowerPoint's you viewed and write a summary highlighting what the PowerPoint's content was, positive attributes (include vocabulary), negative attributes (include vocabulary), and the grade the student would have received according to the rubric.
  13. Turn your paper in to the designated area
  14. Work quietly at your seat or do what you are suppose to when you are finished with your work

The link below takes you to the scoring rubric in order to score students' on their WebQuest activity.

The link below takes students to the scoring rubric for them to score their selected PowerPoint.



Students will have become familiar with other student created PowerPoint presentations and their positve and negative attributes. Students should be more familiar with the PowerPoint vocabulary learned previously. They should also be eager and excited to create their own PowerPoint presentation.

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The two links below are the links my students used to view student created PowerPoint presenations:

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