Great Moments in Communication Timeline –

Working in pairs or groups of threes, students will assemble a timeline to reflect how communication technologies have evolved over time.

Students will receive a pre-formatted activity sheet that contains Great Moments in Communication Handout covering Before the Common Area -BCE/ BC- up to modern times, Common Era -CE/AD-.

Students will select at least 4 communication inventions that they are not familiar with or would like to know more about and conduct research using the web, teacher selected books or reference materials. Students may refer the great moments in communications handout for examples of communication inventions.

Students will select at least 8 communication inventions and create an interactive communication timeline using the Read-Write-Think timeline resource.

Next students will cut apart the great moment boxes located on the Great Moments in Communication Handout and place each event/innovation in chronological order.

Next students will create hard copy timeline by pasting the great moments in communication on construction paper. 

Students may decorate or create borders or provide other enhancements for their communication’s timeline.

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