Venn Diagram - Compare and Contrast Gutenberg Printing Press and Internet 

Using a Venn diagram, students will compare and contrast the impact the Gutenberg Printing Press and Internet, had on freedom of press and free speech practices .

Student may visit the CBS Kids - History of Invention website for summary information about the impact of both of these inventions.

Students could view other websites, books or reference materials to help complete their Venn diagrams. (see the resource section for suggested materials)

In small groups students may use an interactive Venn diagram located on the Read-Write-Think Venn diagram resource. Groups could display their Venn Diagrams on an interactive white board.

Students will use construction paper to create a hard copy Venn diagram. The Venn diagram should summarize at least 4 different ways each the Gutenberg Printing Press and Internet's had an impact on society , and 4 similar ways both the Gutenberg Printing Press and Internet had an impact on society.

In small groups, students may present their Venn diagrams to discuss and explain how the Gutenberg Printing Press and Internet had both positive and negative effects on society.

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