Exercise 62.2: The correct meaning

Complete each sentence/question on the column A by using the set of answers on the column B, so that it means the same as the sentence just above it.

Example: The teacher let me leave early.
Answer: The teacher allowed me to leave early.

Question 1

Column A

1. We hope you have a very happy birthday.
We wish __________.
2. He said that I was a liar.
He called __________.
3. You look silly in that hat.
That hat makes __________.
4. She was the boy's geography teacher last year.
She taught __________.
5. When they laughed at him, he became angry.
Their laughter __________.

Column B

A. the boys geography last year
B. you look silly
C. made him angry
D. you a very happy birthday
E. me a liar

1: 2: 3: 4: 5:

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