Inform students that they have now considered many of the philosophical principles and ideas upon which our nation was founded. Now it's time for students to develop blueprints for their own societies. Students will develop these blueprints in groups of four or five, using wikis (if possible). Wikispaces, is one wiki that would be easy for students to use.

Tell students that it is OK to allocate work to specific individuals. But, ultimately the group needs to develop explanations for how laws, justice, and authority will work in thier society.

Students might consider the following questions:

  1. What kinds of laws will the society have? Why?
2. Who will have the authority to make and/or change laws? Why?

3. If somebody thinks that a law is not just will they have recourse to dispute it? What kind of recourse will be available?

4. What other questions do students think that they will have to answer in developing their society?

5. Will students have to declare independence? Why/why not?

Inform students that they should demonstrate an understanding of the content from this unit as they develop their societal blueprints.

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