Becoming America

Imagine that you encountered a skeptical individaul who said, "The Founding Fathers of the United States were not men of principle. They simply wanted to have the power over a nation, so they broke away from England."

Respond to this individual in one of two ways:

  1. Write a five paragraph essay.
(Your essay will be graded based on the following variables:

  1. The quality of your argument. How strong are your main points? How do you support these main points? (Are you using the best textual references to support your argument? Why/why not?)
2. Flow of paper

3. Quality of writing.

B. Use the Web 2.0 application Jump Knoweldge (http://info.jkn.com/) to annotate any two documents. Your annotations should demonstrate that you understand the principles that guided the Founding Fathers.

A. Have you chosen the best documents to support your points? Why/why not?

B. You should include at least 10 thoughtful annotations to prove your points.

C. Ensure that the quality of argument associated with each annotation is high. Do your supporting statements prove your points?

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