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Social Justice Unit

Group Size: Small groups

Learning Objectives:

With only simple guideance and instruction students will discover facts about their teacher through their own observations.

Students will identify the principle of student discovery and learning


Student Journals and pen/pencil White/Smart board


The teacher has the students line up in pairs or threes at the back of the classroom near the teacher’s personal office. The teacher instructs the students to go into his office in pairs/threes and look at it carefully for about 15-20 seconds; “Learn as much as you can about me in those 15-20 seconds, just from the things you observe. Then return to your seat and make notes about your observations in your study journal”.

After each group has made its observations and notes, spend the next five minutes discussing and answering the following two questions: (make a list of the students’ answers on the board as you go)

  • What did you learn about me?
  • How did you know that?
After the discussion you should have a surprising amount of facts about the teacher listed on the board. Now, help the students realize what has just happened by discussing the following questions

  • How much of what you have learned about me did I tell you?
  • How much did you discover on your own and how where you able to do it?
Have the students reflect on their experience today in class and ask them to define as a class what they think the role of the teacher and the role of the student are. (List their definitions on the board and refer to them throughout the year)

Finish with discussion on this topic:

  • Why is learning best effectuate through student discovery and teacher guidance?
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