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BrainPOP: Adjectives, Adverbs, Agatha Cristie, Back to School, Blogs, Book Report, Business Letter, Capitalization, Charles Dickens, Citing Sources, Clauses, Colons, Conjunctions, Contractions, Diagramming Sentences, Dialogue, Dictionary & Thesaurus, Drama, Etymology, Five Paragraph Essay, Getting Help, Harry Potter, Homer, Hyphens & Dashes, Idioms & Cliches, Imagination, Interjections, Internet Search, Kurt Vonnegut, Lord of the Flies, Main Idea, Mark Twain, Maya Angelou, Mood and Tone, Nouns, Outlines, Paraphrasing, Parts of Speech, Personal Pronouns, Point of View, Prepositional Phrases, Prewriting - Choosing a Topic, Prewriting - Organizing Your Thoughts, Public Speaking, Punctuation, Reading a Newspaper, Reading Skills, Research, Roald Dahl, Roots, Prefixes & Suffixes, Run-on Sentences, Semicolons, Sentence Fragments, Show Not Tell, Similes & Metaphors, Strengthening Sentences, Subject & Predicate, Subject Verb Agreement, Test Preparation, Test Taking Skills, They're, Their & There, Types of Sentences, Types of Writing, Verbs and Objects, William Shakespeare, Writing in Sequence, Writing Process.

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READING - Character, Choosing a Book, Ezra Jack Keats, Main Idea, Make Inferences, Reading Nonfiction, Rhyming Words, Setting, Similes.

WRITING - Capital and Lowercase, How-to-Essay, Sending a Letter, Short Story, Synonyms & Antonyms, Tenses, Types of Sentences, Writing a Paragraph, Writing About Yourself, Writing With the Senses.

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