The Art and Science of Color and Light
Collage Instructions

Using the above web sites introduce students to the concept of collage. Technically, a collage is a combination of photos, paper, fabric, rubber stamps, magazine paper, etc. arranged on a background. Discourage the use of computer generated images In this case students will be constructing their collages on an 8.5 x 11 paper.

Students will divide the paper in half length wise (hot dog). On the left side will be a collage of light and on the right side of the paper will be the collage of color.

For this collage project, students will collect images, either realistic or abstract to create a collage with the theme of Art and Science or Light and Color and some of what is embedded in that big idea. Encourage students to seek sources for their collages from magazines, interesting papers, scraps of fabric, WORDS, printing stamps, stickers, stenciled letters, free hand drawings or quotes, odds and ends of various sorts.

Please complete a collage yourself and use as an example for students. You will learn a lot about collage as you produce a collage.

I like shapes to be cut out, trimmed, and fit together or overlayed. A collage should not have any white from the paper showing through from behind the pasted images.

The theme of the collage is Art and Science or Light and Color. This piece will become an art piece for their journal. The title and author name can be superimposed, in black ink or other, on the collage.

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