1) A sheepish element

2) a male element

3) a type of bed (with a T)

4) an element you can blame

5) directional elements

6) an "a" in the middle is singular; "e" is plural

7) a sightless Sin

8) famous California city

9) a smelly element


11)one of the three stooges

12)an inquisitive element

13)"We Bring Good Things To Life"

14)A little element (abbv)an exclamatory element

15)baseball position (abbv)

16)slang way to get someone's attention

17)go partially GaGa over someone

18)half a rich woman's farewell

19)nickname for dad

20)a pet (with a T)

21)with a T there is heat

22)another s and its related to Trigger

23)a color (with a D)

24)An element with a sting

25)an egotistical element

26)a cheerful element

27)slang abbreviation for angry

28)Einstein's nickname

29)something a giant might say

30)it knows where to go when it rains

31)part of Santa's laugh

32)father of a junior

33)a popular player of music

34)a happy cat can

35)a nurse

36)we all do it with an "e"

37)a bad grade

38)should be in Paris

39)sailed away with winking, blinking, and an "o"

40)add an "f' for a tree or an "s" for a man

41)radio elements

42)a doctor

43)a nice place to be if you replace the "s" with a "z"

44)unscramble the letters for a play on words

45)a negative element

46)wear it with an"e"

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