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MIT OpenCourseWare - AP Physics - Electrostatics - Charge & Coulomb's Law

Charge & Coulomb's Law - Video Clips

Electricity and Magnetism Lecture 1 (approx. 47 minutes) contains information on several topics.

  • To learn about Electric Charges (Historical), watch the lecture from 04:14 to 07:15.
  • To learn about Polarization, watch the lecture from 07:15 to 19:18.
  • To learn about Charging Through Fiction, watch the lecture from 19:18 to 25:40.
  • To learn about Van de Graaff Generators, watch the lecture from 25:40 to 29:30.
  • To learn about Electric Force: Coulomb's Law, watch the lecture from 29:30 to 36:12.
  • To learn about Human Electroscopes, watch the lecture from 42:00 to 47:48.
Course: 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2002

Instructor: Prof. Walter Lewin

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