EPA National Geospatial Program

The term "geospatial" refers to anything that has a geographic location on the earth. EPA’s National Geospatial Program coordinates the Agency’s geospatial data, applications, policies and programs. This Web site provides an overview of EPA's National Geospatial Program including:


These applications will allow you to look at maps that contain information about air quality, water quality, hazardous waste and the environment in your neighborhood. Some of these applications are for technical users.

BASINS - Version 4.0 of the Better Assessment Science Integrating point and Nonpoint Sources (BASINS) software system functions the same as BASINS 3.1 except it runs on a non-proprietary, open source, free GIS system (PDF) (17 pp, 2.0MB, About PDF), making the tool universally available to anyone interested in facilitating examination of environmental information, supporting analysis of environmental systems, and providing a framework for examining management alternatives for watersheds.

EJ VIEW- EJView, formerly known as the Environmental Justice Geographic Assessment Tool, is a mapping tool that allows users to create maps and generate detailed reports based on the geographic areas and data sets they choose. EJView includes data from multiple factors that may affect public and environmental health within a community or region, including:

  • demographic
  • health
  • environmental
  • facility-level data

Related Tools, Utilities, and Features

The BASINS architecture is more open, flexible, and expandable providing additional functionality of tools, utilities, and features to the application that might be useful not only to themselves but also to the entire BASINS or TMDL community of users.

Below is a list of related tools and features:


Most of these publicly available data are for technical users and can only be viewed using desktop mapping software such as ArcGIS. These data show locations of environmental interest such as the air quality in the Northeast United States or Superfund sites across the Nation.
Grants and agreements – Many EPA Grants have geospatial components. This page gives you access to general grant resources as well as information about agreements that EPA has with other Federal Agencies.

Policies and standards

These allow EPA to more easily share information within the Agency as well as with other federal, state and local agencies.

Related Links

These are links that provide additional information and resources on geospatial topics.

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