Direct and Indirect Object Quiz

A. Fill in the steps to find a direct object. (6 pts)
1. Find the _________________________.
2. Decide if it’s a ___________________ or ___________________________ verb.
3. If it’s a ________________ verb, ask the question “_______________” or “_______________” after the verb.
4. The answer is the _______________________________.

B. Fill in the steps to find an indirect object. (10 pts)

1. Follow the steps to find the _______________________________.
2. If there’s no _______________________, then there’s no __________________________.
3. If there is a _________________________, then ask “__________________,” “__________________,” “_____________________,” or “___________________” after the verb.
4. The answer is the _________________________.
5. Indirect objects are NEVER in ________________________.

C. Underline the direct objects in each sentence, and circle the indirect objects. Remember, not all sentences will have both. (14 pts)
1. The artist drew us a sketch.
2. Pay the manager the rent on the first of the month.
3. Grace prepared chicken for lunch.
4. Someone handed Rose a free sample of pizza.
5. Send Bob a postcard from Florida.
6. Peggy practiced her serve all afternoon.
7. The nurse gave the patient a lollipop.
8. The audience gave the speaker lots of boos.

Extra Credit: Write the verb in each sentence (4 pts)

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