Why and How Do We Eat What We Eat

Digestion Pop-Up Book
When developing your informational tool, please consider the following questions: If you were a polar bear, how would your diet be different? Why? What if you were a scorpion? A mountain lion? A lion in Africa? What if you lived in China? Africa? France? What factors contribute to what and how you eat? To answer these questions, you will need to include information about the roles of biomes, food webs, culture, food pyramids, and digestive systems in your product.
Your pop-up book will be scored based on the criteria in the rubric below. The intent of the book is to answer the overall question at the top of this page. Your goal is to answer the question in an entertaining and informative manner appropriate for students your age. The World Dietary Council is hopeful you can produce their next publication.
Category Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations
BiomeDescribes at least 3 different biomes and discusses the influence the biome has on the food choices available in specific regions. Describes 2 different biomes and discusses influence biome has on food choice. Define biome.
Food Web
Illustrates and labels organisms in a food web and explains the role of each organism (producer, consumer, decomposer, herbivore, omnivore, carnivore, etc.).
Describes roles of producers, consumers, etc. Explains roles of herbivores, omnivores and carnivores in the food web. Defines some terms associated with food webs.
Describes a food pyramid in another country and explains how the dominant culture in that country influenced the foods in the pyramid. Provides examples of foods naturally found in the biomes and food webs in parts of the country. Discusses role culture plays in what we eat Defines culture
Digestive System
Illustrates, labels, and describes the human digestive system and organs. Compares the digestive system of 3 organisms and relates the differences to the types of foods the organisms eat and digest. Explains human digestive system. Compares herbivore and omnivore digestive systems.Explains human digestive system.
ConstructionAll parts function properly and make sense with the storyline. Illustrations are colorful, complete, and neatly drawn. Storyline brings all content together in an understandable manner.
Parts of book function properly, illustrations are colorful and neatly drawn. Storyline is consistent and brings content together. Some parts do not function. Storyline is disjointed.

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