ECT Lesson Plan: Describing an Everyday Object

Lesson plan at a glance...

Core subjects

Computer Science

Subject areas

Data Analysis

Suggested age

8 to 15 years old




Preparation: 3 to 5 minutes

Instruction: 60 to 85 minutes


Core Subject: CCSS Math

CS: CSTA, UK, Australia

In this lesson plan…

Lesson Overview

Language is one way to clearly and thoroughly describe the attributes and functions of ordinary everyday objects. In this lesson, students act like the inventor of an everyday object that does not yet exist. Students abstract the essential details, and describe what need would be fulfilled by the new object and how, specifically, it functions. They will then translate the description into a format appropriate for modeling the object in a computer by representing the data in an organized visual format. Pattern recognition will enable them to organize and generalize the description.

Materials and Equipment

  • For the student:
    • Required: Journal
      • If using Google Docs ( or a wiki
        • Internet-connected computer (one (1) computer per student recommended)
      • If not using a computer-based collaboration tool
        • Markers/Whiteboard or Paper and Pen/Pencil

Preparation Tasks


If students are using computers, confirm that all students’ computers are turned on, logged-in, and connected to the Internet

3 to 5 minutes

The Lesson

Warm-up Activity: What information is important?

15 minutes

Activity 1: Reinventing an everyday object

30 minutes

Wrap-up Activity: Connecting learning to Computer Science

15 to 25 minutes



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