? Have students investigate (on the internet or in the library) the concept of density and report it to the rest of the class.

? Give a presentation describing the effect of the density of hot air in a hot air balloon.

? Research how density is used to identify elements or materials.

? Research what might effect the density of the same material.

Book Suggestions:

Making Things Float & Sink by Gary Gibson

Sink or Float by Lisa Trumbarer

Float or Sink by Maria Gordon


? Have students draw pictures of as many items they can think of objects that float on water and have them discuss why those objects float.


? Research the history of measurement of density, mass, volume.

? Research the history of the metric system.


? Measure the mass of various objects using the double pan balance.

? Measure the volume of various objects through use of tools and formulas.


? Formulate different percent solutions of salt water and determine their densities.

? Formulate different mixtures of percent alcohol and determine their densities.

? Formulate a salt mixture mixed with an alcohol mixture and determine their densities.

? Compare the densities of different objects with very similar volumes and predict the masses of each object.


? Research the human body’s ability to float in salt water and describe why this occurs.

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