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Vocabulary Quiz, English I, “Death of a Salesman,” Act 2-4/21

Please write meaningful sentences with the following words:

  1. implacable:

  1. bewildered:

  1. candidly:

  1. salvation:

  1. incredulous:

  1. vengeful:

  1. contemptuous:

  1. ominous:

  1. gist:

Tell me the opposite (antonyms) of these words:

  1. befuddled:

  1. spiteful:

  1. raucous:

  1. ignoramus:

What are 2 subjects/topics in “Death of a Salesman”?

**Academic Challenge**

Final Vocabulary ListQuarter 4, English I

***You need to know only those words that are **starred** (unless I have told you to study for the Academic Challenge unstarred words).

*reminiscences (n.) memories of the past; remembrances; recollections

*subside—sink to normal level; ebb; wane


liable to—likely to

*pompous—pretentious; self-important; stuck-up


*approbation—official approval and praise

*laconic—using few words; brief and to the point

*incipient—beginning to exist or appear

*trepidation—fear; alarm; panic; apprehension

*anemic—sickly; weak and w/o energy

*valise—small hand luggage

*aura—distinctive quality about a person, thing, or place


ignoramus—ignorant person

*authoritative—coming from the proper authority; dictatorial; conclusive

simonize—polish with wax

specimen-an individual or item representative of a species or whole

*imbue—to spread or diffuse through

gallantly—in a polite and courtly manner (like a knight)

*evasive-intentionally vague or ambiguous; elusive; slippery

*audacity—excessive boldness, rashness, daring

*incredulous—skeptical; disbelieving

*ominously—menacingly; threateningly

*candidly—frank; blunt; direct; open

*implacable—impossible to placate, appease, calm or satisfy

*ignoramus—an ignorant person


*salvation—act of being saved or preserved from harm; redemption; rescue; a means of preserving from harm or unpleasantness

*spiteful—malicious; filled with ill will

*raucous—rowdy and disorderly; unpleasantly loud and harsh

*vengeful—vindictive; desiring vengeance/revenge

*saccharine—fake sugar; having a cloyingly sweet attitude, tone, or character


*bewildered—perplexed; confused; befuddled

elegiac—expressing sorrow, usually for things past

*gist—central idea; essence

*befuddled—confused; perplexed

*meager (adj.) (22) barely adequate; deficient in amount, quality, or extent

*improvident (adj.) careless, wasteful

*brusqueness (n.) (26) an abrupt, discourteous manner

*capricious (adj.) unpredictable, changing

*interim (n.) the time between two events

*emissary (n.) (53) agent sent on mission to represent interests of another

abomination (n.) (31) action that causes disgust or abhorrence

*rebuke (v.) (54) reprimand; scold; express criticism

*benevolent (adj.) (26) doing or producing good

communal (adj.) (87) of or relating to a community

*arduous (adj.) (34) strenuous; demanding great labor or effort

*pandemonium (n.) (89) wild uproar or noise

*poignant (adj.) (34) profoundly moving; touching (to the heart)

*approbation (n.) (91) warm approval; praise

clambered (v.) (39) scrambled

trifle (n.) (94) small amount; something of little importance

*revel (v.) (38) take great pleasure or delight

*wily (adj.) (53) clever; tricky

*taut (adj.) (48) pulled or drawn tight; not slack

*malevolent (adj) wishing harm to others; malicious

*impenetrable (adj.) solid, dense, cannot be penetrated

*prophesy (v.) to tell the future or to speak for gods

*eloquent (adj.) describes clear and intelligent speech

sediment (n.) the residue or remains after a flood

*gravely (adv.) badly, seriously

*infuriating (adj.) maddening, causing incredible anger

*voluble (adj.) talkative

expedient (adj.) convenient, practical, useful

mirthless (adj.) without humor or joy

*requisite (adj.) required, necessary

coiffure (n.) combed hairstyle

*excrement (n.) poop, pee

rollicking (adj.) exciting, fun, playful

callow (adj.) immature, youthful, naïve

*prevail (v.) to win, to overcome

*abominable (adj.) horrible, vile, repulsive

*resilient (adj.) tough, strong, flexible

buoyant (adj.) cheerful, lighthearted

*desecrate (v.) to violate or destroy something holy

*astray (adj.) away from the correct path

*superfluous (adj.) unnecessary

“Death of a Salesman” Unit Test Study Guide

On the exam, you will need to write one Delve In paragraph. I expect you to write it according to the format we practiced in class, and you will be graded according to the rubric we have been using. Out of this list of 6 questions, 2 will appear on the test. You will be asked to write on one only:

1. What does Willy represent? (Does he represent the average working man building a secure home for his family? Does he fit into this representation perfectly? Does he represent more?)

2. What role does illusion, delusion, and denying reality play in the lives of the Lomans? What effect does it have on them?

3. How does Biff change throughout the play?

4. What is Willy’s dream? What is he searching for throughout the play?

5. What are the false values which the play reveals? What are the true values which the play upholds? Prove your claim.

6. Some reviewers believe that the play is a criticism of capitalism/modernization/the American way of life. Discuss your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with them.

Additional questions:

What is form and what is content? How are they related? (make sure you can give examples of “form” and “content”)

What is subject and theme? (I will give you 3 different subjects, and you will be asked to write theme statements on 2 of the subjects.)

What is a motif? What is a symbol? (Make sure you can identify and explain a motif/symbol in “Death of a Salesman.”)


“Death of a Salesman” Unit Test

Directions: For these three subjects/topics from “Death of a Salesman,” I would like you to write theme statements for only two of the subjects.

Subjects: 1) the American dream, 2) modernization/capitalism, 3) illusion v. reality

Q #1: Theme Statement #1:

Q #2: Theme Statement #2:

Q #3: What is form and what is content? How are they related?

Q #4: Name one example of form and one example of content in “Death of a Salesman.”


Q#5 Please choose only one question from the list below and answer the question in a delve-in response format like we have been doing. You may use your book but no notes. You can write your paragraph on this paper or on a separate sheet of lined paper.

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