Diseases and Natural Disasters
Country: _________________________________ Biome: _____________________________
Visit the websites below and develop a list of common diseases in your chosen country. Also, note any historically significant occurrences of a disease in your region. For example, Avian Flu may not be common, but a significant occurrence of the Avian Flu occurred in Alaska in 1918 (though it was referred to as the Spanish Flu at that time) .
Choose your country on the top right drop down menu. Once the information for your country appears, expand the "people" section and scroll down to "major infectious disease." Not all countries will have this section, as some do not pose a high risk toward any specific diseases.
The "geography" section has information on natural hazards, terrain, climate, and other environmental conditions.
On this site, you can search for recent "warnings/alerts" for specific diseases, or for a specific country.
Search by country for disease outbreaks within the recent past.
Common Diseases:


Significant outbreaks:


Natural Disasters

Is your country prone to specific natural disasters? Use your text book, past knowledge, and the websites below to determine which natural disasters, if any, occur in your country.

Place a check mark next to the disasters in your country, then write a brief description of what you now know about the disasters there (frequency, intensity, why).

__________ Earthquakes

__________ Tsunamis

__________ Volcanos

__________ Floods

__________ Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

__________ Tornados


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