Biome project guidelines

You will be assigned one of the following biomes:

Tropical forest

Temperate forest





For your biome, you will:

  • Describe the important characteristics of your biome (rainfall, climate, landscape)
  • Create a 3-D model or detailed illustration of what a home in your biome might look like (explain why that type of construction works well in that biome and where heat transfer occurs)
  • Describe the population growth patterns in a specific country or region or your biome (include statistical information, discuss income, occupations and family structure, explain how the biome might impact these things)
  • Discuss common viral and bacterial diseases to your area and how this effects populations
  • Describe natural disasters that are common to your area (include effect on populations, home construction, occupations)
  • Construct a food web for your biome (organisms must be accurate to the region, include at least 2 organisms at each trophic level)
  • Discuss available natural resources and how they impact lifestyles in your area
  • Discuss the human impact on the land you are studying (how do humans use the natural resources available? how do they impact food webs? how does home construction impact the environment? what kind of disturbances are caused by humans?)
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