Day 4 of 8,

Goals for today

  • Address the thinking side of our final project
  • View and discuss Julian Opie
  • Review first 4 weeks of work
  • Begin first step

(4:00) Do Now

  • Gather homework
  • Draw a silhouette of an emotional state (calm, joy, nervousness, satisfaction, etc.)

(4:15) Discuss the thinking side of our project

  • Making a goal
  • Working backwards
    • Similar to planning this course
  • Defining a first step

(4:25) Go to gallery, visit Opie

  • How do the parts operate independently?
  • How did the challenge Opie's task mirror our own?
  • Simplification, silhouette
  • What was his goal? What did he hope we'd say, feel, think?

(4:35) Re-visit Chan

  • Compare, contrast w/ Opie
  • How were their goals different?

(4:45) Return to lab

  • Scrap paper
  • Write down one thing we've talked about, no matter how simple
  • Go around circle and state your item (gather on board)
  • Add to the board list

(4:50) Review background changes, layers, scenes

  • New layers
  • Renaming layer
  • Locking, unlocking, view, hide
  • Create animated background
  • Shape tween
  • Transitioning between scenes with consistent background using copy-paste
  • (Open time for additional review)

(5:00) Creating first scene from project

  • Start with background
  • Adding elements on top

(5:30) Presentation of scene 1 progress

  • Express goals
  • Tell us something about your piece
  • On what do you want feedback?
  • Warm v. Cool Feedback

(5:50) Last touches

  • Save save save

(5:55) Upload new works

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