Day 4 of 8, Animation with Flash

Day 4 of 8,

Goals for today

  • Create more complex symbols
  • Practice tracing bitmap/raster images into vector symbols
  • Look at examples of silhouette
  • Write about project
  • Work on project
  • Prepare for talking about project

(4:00) Do Now

  • Show the image of the mother on the street.
  • Draw a symbol of something from inside her bag.
  • Silhouette!

(4:15) Add nuance to this symbol using layers

  • Open symbol for editing
  • Create new layer
  • Practice with tweening shape or motion
  • Using transformation tools
  • Time like an exhale

(4:25) Look at examples of silhouette

  • Use internet to grab videos, etc to demo examples of silhouette
  • Gather suggestions from students
  • What is difficult about silhouette?
  • Ambiguities.
  • If you don't use black - is it still silhouette?

(4:35) Convert bitmap to vector

  • Google search for 'keys'
  • Select a key
  • Right-click and copy image
  • In flash, hit apple+f8 and past the bitmap
  • Lock this layer, create a new layer
  • Use drawing tools to trace bitmap
  • Delete the bitmap layer

(4:45) Create two more symbols

  • What is often in your pocket?

(4:55) Animate these vectorized images

  • New layers
  • Tween
  • Think about hood of car in Chan
  • Think of trembling cords

(5:10) Writing about your project

  • 4 sentences
  • Via email
  • Give sample

(5:15) Work on project for 30 mins

  • Email writing to me
  • Experiment with project

(5:45) Look at each project individually on the board

  • Everyone gets 1-2minutes

(5:55) Upload new works

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