Day 3 of 8, Recapping, Layering, Tweening

Goals for today

  • Meet 6 new students, introductions all around
  • Look at work from weeks 1 and 2
  • Get 6 new students up to speed with frame-by-frame
  • Work with layers ,
  • Motion tween symbols on a layer
  • Make a bunch of symbols

(3:00) Rosanna and the new six

Rosana will meet with the six new students and work through some frame-by-frame animation.

They'll also have a chance to do some administrative stuff.

(4:00) Do Now

Students arriving at 4 will be surprised by the new folks in class. We'll have to do a little organizing tomake sure everone has a seat, etc.

To get started, each returning student will select their favorite thing they've worked on so far to work on a little bit more.

(~4:10) Getting started, checking in

Go somewhere (??) for introductions. Same survey, new answers?

Give everyone a heads up about showing their work.

(4:20) Showing off old work

Students get up and show off old works one at a time. New students welcome to jump in. Everyone has something to teach.

Be sure everyone says their name. People can show us on their PCs or on the screen.

(4:35) Revisit paul chan

Grab some paper and a pencil. We're walking up to Paul Chan.

This time, make drawings (or notes) of things you see in "1st Light". What are important considerations when making a silhouette. How little info do you need to identify a form?

Silhouettes emphasize shapes, formal properties. Cultural significance less important?

Focus on the restrained use of color. What happens in the background?

14 minutes...

(4:55) Draw a new symbol

Refresh on stage properties. Returning students can open their projects from last week.

Press APPLE+F8 to make new symbol. Movie Clip!

Draw from your notes, or memory, something you saw or thought about during Chan.

Animate using frame by frame on the time line


Save the project.

Return to the stage view.

Create a new layer.

Drag an instance of your new symbol into this layer.


Create a new keyframe about twenty frames in the future. (F6)

Move your symbol somewhere else in the stage.

Click back to the original frame, set Tween to "Motion"

BOO YAH!!!!!!111111

OKAY.. now make it go back.
And somewhere else.

Do a bunch of tweens.
NOTE: Tweening breaks if symbols are not on their own layers.


Create a new layer

Drag this layer beneath the layer with your symbol

Draw a rectangle the same size as the stage

Create 4 keyframes equally spaced

Use the paintbucket to change the color of the rectangle for each of these frames

SAVE and test it (APPLE+ENTER)

Now click on each keyframe and set Tween to "Shape"*

APPLE+ENTER to test!

Note: this is when the Shape/Motion dichotomy breaks down.

(5:25) PROTOTYPE 2

Save As… to make a copy

Reminder on making new scenes.

Try to make something happen over time.

You might need new symbols.

You will need new layers.

You will need many motion tweens.

Can you make motion look less fake?

(5:40) Start saving stuff


Press APPLE+f12 to publish this movie

Everyone gets up, walks around checks it out

(5:55) Closing down

  • Put student work on the board
  • Email students with reminder about URL
  • Upload student work to wiki
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