Day 2 of 4: Introduction to Animation with Flash

Goals for today

  • Think about Paul Chan from a tech perspective
  • Create a new animation that relies on tweening
  • Consider the aesthetic decisions in a Julian Opie

(2pm) HI AGAIN

  • Check in
  • Names, ground rules
  • Go around the circle with questions that come up since yesterday

(2:15pm) Couple helpful tips

  • FPS, "slowing down" an animation - connect to flipbook example
  • Gradient fills
  • Making symbols into Movie Clips

(2:25pm) Ten minutes of work time on your existing symbol

  • Everyone should have a symbol in their libraries

(2:35pm) Walkabout

  • Apple + return
  • "Warm feedback"
  • 5 mins to walk around, ask questions, check out

(2:40pm) Back to the gallery

  • Look at Julian Opie
  • From a technical standpoint - what does it make you think about?
  • What do you still need to be able to (technically) make something like this?
  • Can you draw like that? Would you?
  • How much detail can you remove from an image without sacrificing its legibility?
  • What signifiers exist to indicate age, race, gender?
  • Check out Paul Chan piece again
  • Did you talk to anyone about the piece last night?
  • Move somewhere else
  • (Freewrite/draw) Things falling DOWN is fundamental. This challenges your expectations. What else is like that? (:60)
  • Check-in / Share the reactions
  • Connecting to the project we are going to make..

(3:20pm) Layers

  • The value of Layers
  • Each layer has its own timeline

(3:25pm) Scale/ Transform

  • Free transform tool
  • Using keyboard modifiers the tool

(3:30pm) Tweening a transformation

  • TWEENing happens beTWEEN the keyframes
  • '''Shape''' tween inside your symbol
  • Draw a new symbol - something that is also in the air with your figure
  • Add a shape tween

(3:45pm) Layering multiple symbols

  • Using Layers to make a color background
  • Multiple timelines happening at the sametime
  • 10 mins free work time

(4pm) Motion tweening a symbol

  • Move your symbol across the stage with a motion tween

(4:45pm) Wrap-up

  • Check-ins
  • "homework" - thinking about your upcoming project
  • What expectation will you subvert?
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