==== Goals for today ==== * Learn everyone's name * See the entire Paul Chan piece * Visit the Lab * Talk about setting up a workspace in Flash * Open file from location (each student should find a basic file in their own folder) * Saving and previewing projects * Talk about the Layers and the Timeline, using examples * Talk about Vector graphics, using examples (raster smiley vs. regular) * Make a [http://kevindriscoll.info/docs/ica/flash/smiley.html flip-book style frame-by-frame animated face] ==== (2pm) Gathering everyone for the first time ==== * Be outside if possible * Icebreaker BINGO * Nametags * Ground Rules (in a hand out) * Get-to-know-ya ** Why this class? ** Prior experience ** Something visual that you like ==== (2:30pm) Visit the gallery! ==== * Watch all of Paul Chan's ''Light'' projection ** Give everyone a chance to walk around it and see it from different sides * Take out some paper and do quick freewrite/freedraw reactions (:30 sec) * Walk somewhere to share those reflections, reminding everyone about ground rules ==== (3:15pm) To the lab! ==== * Seating via birthday game * Logging on, opening your file folder, starting flash, starting a new project * Set some preferences ** Precise cursors ** Object undo ** Moving the little panels around, etc. * Making a drawing ** Practice SAVING ** Practice PREVIEW (ctrl+ enter) ==== (3:30pm) Open up an example file ==== * Look at '''Layers''' * Practice using selection tools to ** Copy - paste ** Cut - paste ** Move ** Transform ** Change colors ** Eyedropper ==== (3:45) Demonstrate flipbook ==== * Matt + I open flying man example * Demonstrate adding keyframe, animating with onion skin ==== (4pm) Start thinking about flip-book ==== * Open a new project * Use '''brush''' to draw the figure ==== (4:15pm) Frame-by-frame ==== * Create a bunch of keyframes * Enable '''Onion skinning''' * Step into the next frame and draw a slightly different face * Flip between the two frames (press ctrl+enter to test it out) * SAVE OFTEN ==== (4:35) Warning: Save now ==== * Preparing to log off ==== (4:45pm) Wrap-up ==== * Watch Tony v. Paul * Leave the lab, find a place to sit. * Check-in with everyone. How is it going? What questions remain? * Bye!
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