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Entrepreneurs must know about their “market” when thinking of what businesses to start in their community.

Instructions: Ask students to survey community data in resource books in the school library or on the Internet. These might include census data, Sales and Marketing Management’s “Survey of Buying Power”, State Department of Commerce, etc. They should find out as much as possible about current and projected data, and compare it to past data to determine possible changes in local markets. The local chamber of commerce may also have basic information of use to the group.

The activity supports the Entrepreneurship Content Standards/Performance Indicators as follows: • D.01 Explain the nature of effective communications, • D.06 Address people properly, • D.11 Write informational messages, • D.14 Prepare simple written reports, • E.03 Employ desktop operating skills, • E.07 Use reference materials to access information, • E.11 Demonstrate basic search skills on the Web, • E.14 Communicate by computer, • K.09 Demonstrate write/publishing applications, • K.15 Select sources of business start-up information, and • K.16 Conduct an environmental scan to obtain marketing information.

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