Unit 1 Relationships between Quantities and Reasoning with Equations

Lesson 1.1: What’s My Speed?

Lesson 1.2: Algebra ABC’s and I23’s: Variables and various forms of linear and non-linear equations.

Lesson 1.3: It’s in the Cards

Lesson 1.4: Algebra Inequalities

Unit 1 Project: Farmer’s Market

Unit 2 Linear and Exponential Relationships

Lesson 2.1: Solving Systems of Linear Equations

Lesson 2.2: Exponential Relationships with Equations and Inequalities

Lesson 2.3: Understanding Negative Exponents and the Zero Exponents

Lesson 2.4: Graphs of Exponential Functions

Lesson 2.5: Division Properties of Exponents

Lesson 2.6: Understanding Scientific Notation

Lesson 2.7: Exponential Growth Functions

Lesson 2.8: Exponential Decay

Lesson 2.9: Building New Functions

Unit 2 Project: Baseball Mania

Unit 3 Descriptive Statistics

Lesson 3.1: Summarize, Represent, and Interpret Data on a Single Count or Measurement Variable

Lesson 3.2: Summarize, Represent, and Interpret Data on Two Categorical and Quantitative Variables

Lesson 3.3: Interpret Linear Models

Lesson 3.4: Summarize, Represent, and Interpret Data on a Single Count or Measurement Variable: The Shape, Center and Spread ...

Unit 3 Project: Classroom Olympics and Statistical Data

Unit 4 Expressions and Equations

Lesson 4.1: Structure of Expressions and Equivalent Forms

Lesson 4.2: Perform Arithmetic Operations Polynomials

Lesson 4.3: Solve Equations in One Variable

Lesson 4.4: Solving Inequalities in one variable

Lesson 4.5: Solve Systems of Equations

Unit 4 Project: Creating Expressions and Equations in Sports

Unit 5 Quadratic Functions and Modeling

Lesson 5.1: Use Properties of Rational and Irrational Numbers

Lesson 5.2: Real Life Parabolas

Lesson 5.3: Quadratic Functions and Rate of Change

Lesson 5.4: Analyze Functions by Graphing

Lesson 5.5: Solving Quadratic Equations to find 0

Lesson 5.6: Relationship between two Quantities

Lesson 5.7: Building New Functions

Lesson 5.8: Linear, Quadratic and Exponential Functions

Unit 5 Project: Quadratic Functions in Angry Birds

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