Legislative Branch Unit: Civics Curated Course

The Powers of Congress: Expressed and Implied

The Legislative Process: How a Bill Becomes a Law

Congress and the Consititution

The Congress unit covers the major objectives from the College Board AP Government and Politics course. The online content can be downloaded or used as is for students and would be a valuable replacement for a textbook. There is written content, images, interactive reviews, links to additional resources, and assignments. For example, to learn about the structure of Congress, there is written content and a follow-up assignment that requires students to study Article I of the Constitution or to learn about congressional representation, there is written content, links to Crash Course video, and an online redistricting game. While created for Georgia Virtual Learning, the materials can be used and easily adapted to support instruction in a secondary Civics course. It should be noted that teachers will need to make minor adjustments to the assignments to reflect their assessment and submission procedures. 


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