This is a working document that all group members can contribute to developing.


It might be possible to hook up with some existing programs who have curricular materials they might want to share through Curriki. Possibilities could include:

  • Slow Foods schools program (domestically, Slow Food Missouri, St. Louis
  • NYU -- Food Studies program
  • Edible Schoolyard
  • Others?


The big list of curriculum development ideas to be generated by Food & Society group members on Curriki as we start to figure out what interests us in this undertaking...

One way is to stream a list of notions and organize them later:

--near extinction and return of buffalo

--classroom gardens

--cooking in cultural studies

--cooking in language studies

--malnutrition and hunger

--life skills: making a food budget

Another way is to list and categorize/define topics of any scope in a table like this...

Concepts & Skills Subject Areas Content Covered
proportion / ratio, volume math taste test
genetics biologygenetically engineered foods food science, agriculture
mapping geographysources of foods we eat regions, countries
research, statistics media, advertising Elsie the Cow
history, popular culturefood introduced at Worlds Fairs
food practices in religions
food in film and literature
food policy in the U.S.
behavioral studies on food

We could also start organizing concepts based on grade bands, i.e., age appropriateness and integration with standards or core scope and sequence:






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