Complements Review


A. Identify the underlined word as either a direct object (DO), indirect objective (IO), predicate nominative (PN), predicate adjective (PA), or objective complement (OC).

1. The luge is a small sled used for one- and two-man competitions. _____________________
2. Basketball is fast-paced. _____________________
3. Bobsledding is a fast and dangerous winter sport. _____________________
4. Weightlifting makes participants strong. _____________________
5. In basketball, players out a ball through a basket to score points. _____________________
6. In many sports, the competition is fierce. _____________________
7. A foul gave her the chance to score. _____________________
8. The winning team scores the most points. _____________________
9. Powerful weightlifters leave spectators speechless. _____________________
10. Lugeing and bobsledding are forms of tobogganing. _____________________
11. They stopped the game because the ball was flat. _____________________
12. Being unable to lift the desired weight leaves the lifter frustrated. _____________________
13. At the beginning of the game, the center tipped George the jump ball. _____________________
14. A foul gave Eric the chance to score. _____________________
15. Tobogganing isn’t very popular now. _____________________
16. Spectators first watched basketball in the nineteenth century. _____________________
17. St. Moritz was the home of the first bobsled event in 1888. _____________________
18. Weightlifting makes muscles big and strong. _____________________
19. Most states now hold basketball championships. _____________________
20. As a result, the home team gave the Vikings another victory. _____________________


B. Write five ORIGINAL sentences using each type of complement. You may combine more than one type in each sentence.

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