Common Photoshop Questions

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Mr. Driscoll

Q: I found an awesome picture online, how do I get it into Photoshop?

First you need to copy the image. Right-click on the picture in your web browser and choose Copy Image. (If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer for some reason, click Copy.)

Next, open Adobe Photoshop. Click File-New and then OK. You will have a new little window on your desktop. Click on Edit-Paste and your image will show up.

Notice that when you paste an image, Photoshop creates a new layer.

Q: I am trying to do [something] but it won’t work!!!

1. Press Escape to cancel any tools in progress such as Free Transform.
2. Check that you have the correct layer selected in the Layer palette.
3. Click on Select-Deselect to make sure that you haven’t accidentally selected some tiny portion of your image.

Q: My file is gone! I am sure that I saved it!

If you saved it to the Desktop and you are sitting at a new computer, then it’s on your old computer.

If you saved it to My Documents, double check that you are logged in under the correct username. If you aren’t, log out and log back in.

If you ARE logged in under the correct name, refer to the steps listed on the wiki to fix this problem:

Q: I am having too much fun and I can’t stop editing images!

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!

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