English 10B Clauses Test - Retake

For each of the following sentences, on the line provided, write IC if the underlined clause is independent, and SC if the underlined clause is subordinate.

______ 1. Although my mom doesn’t like dogs, my dad bought us a poodle in the hopes that she’d grow to love it.

______ 2. I talk in my sleep which is strange to my friends when they sleep over at my house.

______ 3. Before you get upset, listen to my side of the story.

______ 4. Please give whoever calls my new phone number.

______ 5. If you haven’t signed up for the new club, you had better do it today.

______ 6. Green is my favorite color, so everything in my room is a different shade of green.

______ 7. As long as the sun shines in the sky, I will be your friend.

______ 8. Gas prices are going up, so fuel-efficient cars are becoming more popular.

______ 9. The cat looked as if she were up to no good.

______ 10. We gathered our belongings, and then we checked out of the hotel.

______ 11. When the sun if in the center of the sky, it is “high noon.”

For the next group of sentences, identify whether the underlined clause is an adjective clause, an adverb clause, or a noun clause. If the clause is an adjective clause, write ADJ on the line next to the problem. If it is an adverb clause, write ADV, and if it is a noun clause, write N.

______ 12. Green isn’t the only color that I like.

______ 13. I will buy whichever shirt you want.

______ 14. Although it doesn’t sound correct, the plural of “cul de sac” is “culs de sac.”

______ 15. When I want to feel better about myself, I do nice things for others.

______ 16. Princess Diana, who died in a tragic accident, was a role model to many girls and women.

______ 17. The NFL changed the rules about touching a quarterback so that these valuable players would be better protected.

______ 18. Learning the native language is helpful in whatever country you visit.

______ 19. Someone who has size 10 feet committed the crime.

______ 20. I often ask my aunt why she became a police officer.

______ 21. Wash your hands before dinner because they are filthy.

______ 22. Which players make the team depends on skill, attitude, and dedication.

______ 23. Whenever I need a helping hand, I can count on my sister.

______ 24. Seeing their favorite celebrities in person is what many fans love about live concerts.

______ 25. As long as you have enough money saved up, you can go on vacation with us.

______ 26. The house where Bob Dylan once lived sold for over a million dollars.

______ 27. The 1960’s was a time when many Civil Rights leaders joined together to improve the lives of African Americans.

______ 28. Before I left for work, I forgot to feed the dog.

______ 29. She doesn’t know why you stopped talking to her.

______ 30. I enjoy the Will Ferrell movies that I have seen.

______ 31. I lost the jacket that I bought on sale last week.

For the following groups of words, identify on the line whether it is a sentence (S), a fragment (F), or a run-on (RO).

______ 32. Before you go to school.

______ 33. Since she left for college, her parents have missed her.

______ 34. As if no one was watching.

______ 35. I watched.

______ 36. John loved his new sweater, it was his favorite shade of blue.

______ 37. When you’re finished with the laundry, sweep the kitchen floor.

______ 38. Although it wasn’t my size, since it was from my favorite aunt.

______ 39. I know that you snuck a peek at your Christmas present because the items in my closet have been moved around.

______ 40. Whoever can answer first.

______ 41. We fought, we won, we cheered.

______ 42. She bought him the tickets for the concert which was sold out.

¬______ 43. However you would like to thank him.

______ 44. I didn’t see the movie yet even though everyone’s talking about it.

______ 45. Clean your plate, then you can have dessert.
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