English 10B Clauses ReTest

For each of the following sentences, on the line provided, write IC if the underlined clause is independent, and SC if the underlined clause is subordinate.

______ 1. It was hard to believe that we would never see him again.

______ 2. After he had broken several records, Pete Rose became the baseball hero of the year.

______ 3. Mark will go to a business school after leaving high school.

______ 4. Is this the music that you wanted?

______ 5. Turn off the lights before you go to bed.

______ 6. What will we do if the power fails?

______ 7. When there is a heavy snowfall in the city, everything stops.

______ 8. Do you know what the winning number is?

______ 9. Prices of farm products fell after the Erie Canal opened.

______ 10. Unless the rain stops, the game will be cancelled.

______ 11. Shannon won the 100 yard dash, and she medaled in the long jump.

______ 12. When I don’t know the answer to a question, I twirl my pencil.

For the next group of sentences, identify whether the underlined clause is an adjective clause, an adverb clause, or a noun clause. If the clause is an adjective clause, write ADJ on the line next to the problem. If it is an adverb clause, write ADV, and if it is a noun clause, write N.

______ 13. Elizabeth is the one who got the most votes.

______ 14. When you are applying for a job, dress appropriately.

______ 15. As soon as the ride started, people began screaming.

______ 16. Whoever returns the lost cell phone will receive a reward.

______ 17. The department will be grateful for whatever you do.

______ 18. Literature that describes future events is called science fiction.

______ 19. When the moon moves between the earth and the sun, a solar eclipse occurs.

______ 20. Some of the tools that a mountain climber uses are picks, ropes, and climbing boots.

______ 21. The gymnast felt that her timing was off.

______ 22. The laborers returned to work after the strike was over.

______ 23. One sport that is very popular in Minnesota is ice hockey.

______ 24. Autumn leaves drifted to the pavement as a brisk breeze brushed the countryside.

______ 25. Mark Twain said that cauliflower is just cabbage with a college education.

______ 26. What the reporter really wanted was a mystery to us.

______ 27. Do you know who invented the microscope?

______ 28. I will give whoever knows this answer a prize.

______ 29. Because I was late for the appointment, I had to reschedule.

______ 30. The button which is marked with a triangle turns on the hazard flashers.

______ 31. My sister scored the goal that won the game.

______ 32. This is the place where we first met.

______ 33. Give your money to the lady who works at the customer service desk.

______ 34. The movie got boring when the main character died.

______ 35. Though I have seen the movie before, I would be glad to see it again.

For the following problems, write S on the line if the group of words makes a complete sentence. Write F if the words make a fragment, and RO if they make a run-on.

______ 36. Whenever I see you.

______ 37. Steve is going to try out for the basketball, I hope he makes it.

______ 38. Elena knows.

______ 39. They built a fort before the snowball fight began.

______ 40. Unless you’re tough.

______ 41. Since I had already done my chores, while I have free time.

______ 42. Sandy bought herself a new car, did you see it?

______ 43. Even though you want to be done, you need to finish this test because your grade depends on it.

______ 44. I studied for this test, then I aced it.

______ 45. If you want to go to prom?
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