English 10B Clauses Test

For each of the following sentences, on the line provided, write IC if the underlined clause is independent, and SC if the underlined clause is subordinate.

______ 1. Although you inherit your looks, the origin of your personality is more mysterious.

______ 2. Research on identical twins has fueled what scientists call the “heredity versus environment” debate.

______ 3. The debate focuses on one question—whether personality is mainly inherited or mainly shaped by family and other people.

______ 4. Identical twins raised in separate families showed amazing similarities even though the families were very different.

______ 5. Not only did many of the twins have similar IQs, their body language was also remarkably the same.

______ 6. One set of twins tugged at their hair when they read a book.

______ 7. Although they were raised miles apart, they liked the same school subjects and wore the same kinds of clothes.

______ 8. When separated twins had illnesses, they often had identical illnesses at roughly the same time.

______ 9. Another set of twins really amazed researchers because both once had dogs named Toy and had wives named Betty.

______ 10. Because these similarities are so unlikely to happen by chance, heredity probably plays a role in shaping personality.

______ 11. I have a twin sister, and my mom does, too.

For the next group of sentences, identify whether the underlined clause is an adjective clause, an adverb clause, or a noun clause. If the clause is an adjective clause, write ADJ on the line next to the problem. If it is an adverb clause, write ADV, and if it is a noun clause, write N.

______ 12. Humans aren’t the only animals who walk upright.

______ 13. Some evidence shows that there may be life on other planets.

______ 14. I will give whoever is the quietest a piece of candy.

______ 15. When the fire alarm sounds, all students should leave school through the nearest exit.

______ 16. Roy McCoy, whose face is recognized worldwide, is the spokes-clown for McCoy’s restaurants.

______ 17. This book has large type so that people with poor vision can read it.

______ 18. Good writing and speaking skills can be useful in whatever career you choose.

______ 19. Someone who has large feet can purchase larger shoe sizes through catalogues.

______ 20. Children often ask why the sky is blue.

______ 21. You should wash your car this weekend because it is filthy.

______ 22. Whenever I need a break from life, I curl up with a good book.

______ 23. That this is a difficult test shouldn’t stop you from trying hard.

______ 24. The thrill of a victory is what motivates me on the soccer field.

______ 25. As long as you are careful in ironing your clothes, you shouldn’t burn anything.

______ 26. The town where I am from is not far from here.

______ 27. This is the time when you should be working on English homework.

______ 28. As soon as I make my first million dollars, I will buy a pet chinchilla.

______ 29. I don’t know where you put your G.I. Joe action figures.

______ 30. I enjoy the Thai food that I have tasted.

______ 31. My jacket, which I bought at Macy’s, was on sale.

For the following groups of words, identify on the line whether it is a sentence (S), a fragment (F), or a run-on (RO).

______ 32. Since she has a full schedule.

______ 33. Whenever I see a rainbow, I make a wish.

______ 34. As if my life depended on it.

______ 35. We cheered.

______ 36. Clean your room, then you can watch television.

______ 37. I enjoyed the movie because the special effects were intense.

______ 38. Even though Tom wanted to go to the game, he stayed home to help his dad with the car.
______ 39. Most people would agree that ice cream is better when it is cold.
______ 40. Whoever knows the answer.

______ 41. I sat, I waited, I watched.

______ 42. Because I didn’t know the answer, since the teacher called on me.
¬______ 43. Wherever you go.

______ 44. I didn’t see you coming even though you are wearing blaze orange.

______ 45. Which partner I choose.
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