English 10B Clauses Practice Test

For each of the following sentences, on the line provided, write IC if the underlined clause is independent, and SC if the underlined clause is subordinate.

______ 1. I can’t imagine what my parents got me for my birthday.

______ 2. Since she failed the final exam, Annie will have to retake physics.

______ 3. Elizabeth got a job before she turned 16.

______ 4. Was this the album that won a Grammy?

______ 5. Turn on your blinker before merging into traffic.

______ 6. What will we do if he finds out about the surprise party?

______ 7. When a Vikings game is on TV, everyone watches.

______ 8. Do you know why Mars is red?

______ 9. Algebra becomes easier once you understand how to balance an equation.

______ 10. Unless I get called in to work, I am free on Saturday.

For the next group of sentences, identify whether the underlined clause is an adjective clause, an adverb clause, or a noun clause. If the clause is an adjective clause, write ADJ on the line next to the problem. If it is an adverb clause, write ADV, and if it is a noun clause, write N.

______ 11. Soccer is the sport that I like best.

______ 12. When they are in orbit, astronauts can float around the space shuttle.

______ 13. As soon as your homework is done, you can watch TV.

______ 14. Whoever drives a red Oldsmobile needs to turn his or her lights off.

______ 15. I will be happy with whatever you give me.

______ 16. Information that only the government can know is highly classified.

______ 17. When pigs fly, I will go on a date with you.

______ 18. Some of the supplies that a carpenter needs are a hammer, drill, screwdriver, and a level.

______ 19. The teacher thought that the paper might be plagiarized.

______ 20. The students returned to class after the fire drill was over.

______ 21. One game that I have never played is shuffleboard.

______ 22. Carrie made the jump-shot as the game clock was running out.

______ 23. Benjamin Franklin said that a penny saved is a penny earned

______ 24. What my mom wanted me to do was take out the trash.

______ 25. Do you know who painted that portrait of George Washington?

Using what you know about clauses, identify which of the following groups of words are fragments, run-ons, and complete sentences. If the group is a sentence, write S on the line; if it is a fragment, write F, and if it is a run-on, write RO.

______ 26. Because he wanted a new car.

______ 27. He worked all summer.

______ 28. That the sun is shining.

______ 29. Whenever I find a penny on the ground.

______ 30. Since my favorite show was cancelled, I have been watching more football, it is my favorite sport.
______ 31. As soon as I save enough money, I am going to move to France.

______ 32. I completed my chores, then I walked to the store.

______ 33. I was grounded because I was late for curfew.

______ 34. Whoever left the refrigerator door open.

______ 35. Once I finally learned how to ride a bike.
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