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What’s Inside:

 Christmas Countdown Clock - Shows how many days there are until Christmas in REAL TIME
 Christmas Piano - Decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments that sound like piano keys
 Christmas Wish List - Compose a Christmas wish for Santa!
 Jigsaw puzzles - Awesome puzzles enhance the story and promote critical thinking skills
 Paint-a-Picture - Dozens of coloring pages and paints
 Counting - 1 to 10 counting game is cool and fun
 Memory Match - Fire up your child’s memory skills!
 Placement Puzzle - Place a character in their puzzle piece
 Find the Item - Critical thinking skills and memory come together in this fun activity
 Memorize and Place - A great memory game that sharpens retention


 Engage in numerous fun activities on every page and experience an interactive Christmas story like never seen before!
 “Read to Me” will automatically read the story to you
 “Read it Myself” will allow you to control the reading yourself
 “Auto Play” automatically reads the entire story to you
 Recording Microphone that allows you to create your own dialogue for the characters
 Kids learn to spell the words

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