Prior to the lesson, a teacher must take 6 large sheets of construction paper and hang them in various places around the room for students to write on. On top of the sheets of paper must be the name of one of the main characters of Tuck Everlasting. Names needed:

1. Jesse Tuck

2. Miles Tuck

3. Angus Tuck

4. Mae Tuck

5. Winnie Foster

6. Man in the Yellow Suit

Group Size: Any

Learning Objectives:

Students will understand character traits.

Students will demonstrate comprehension of Tuck Everlasting.


1. One large sheet of construction paper with characters names across the top (Jesse Tuck, Miles Tuck, Mae Tuck, Angus Tuck, Winnie Foster, and The Man in the Yellow Suit)

2. Different colored markers for each group of students


1. Divide students evenly into 6 groups and have them stand in front of one of the character posters.

2. Hand a different colored marker to each group and assign a notetaker for the first character. The notetaker will be responsible for documenting any information their classmates give them.

3. Give the groups about one minute to record as much information as they can about the character on the chart paper. Allow them to add appearances, actions, events they have taken part in, character traits, etc.

4. After one minute, have students rotate to the next character poster and assign another notetaker.

5. Give the students about 30 seconds to read what their classmates have already written on the poster.

6. Tell students to place a star next to any piece of information they agree with and a question mark next to any piece of information they are not sure about.

7. Then give them another minute or so to record more information about the character's poster they are at.

8. Continue this process, alternating notetakers, until the groups have recorded information about all six characters.

9. Have students return to their seats and reflect upon what is written as a whole class. Ask them:

  • Do you have any questions for any other groups after you read what was written?
  • How did this activity help you to learn more about the characters?
  • Why was it important to add a star next to each piece of information you agreed with?
  • What new pieces of information did you learn about the characters of Tuck Everlasting?
10. Students can add new descriptions to their character section in their packets.

11. Take down the posters and save them for a continuation of this activity next week.


Monitor the information students added to each character.

Benchmark or Standards:

The Standards for the English Language Arts:

Students apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and appreciate texts. They draw on their prior experience, their interactions with other readers and writers, their knowledge of word meaning and of other texts, their word identification strategies, and their understanding of textual features.

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