These Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism Practice Problems (see pages 39 through 53) and their solutions cover Magnetic Energy Stored in a Toroid; Magnetic Energy in a Wire; Mutual Inductance: Loop and Wire; Steady-State RL Circuit Current; RL Circuit Dynamics; LC Circuit Analysis; Inductance; Inductance of a Solenoid; Inductance of a Homemade Solenoid; Inductors in Series and in Parallel; RL Circuit with Added Resistance; Energy in an RL Circuit; Inductance of a Solenoid with an Iron Core; RL and LC Circuits; Electromagnetic Energy in a Spinning Cylindrical Capacitor; and Inductance of a Spinning Loop in an External Field.

Course: 8.02 Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2007

Instructors: Prof. John Belcher, Dr. Peter Dourmashkin, Prof. Robert Redwine, Prof. Bruce Knuteson, Prof. Gunther Roland, Prof. Bolek Wyslouch, Dr. Brian Wecht, Prof. Eric Katsavounidis, Prof. Robert Simcoe, Prof. Joseph Formaggio, Andy Neely, Matthew Strafuss, Prof. Eric Hudson, Dr. Sen-Ben Liao

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