These Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism Practice Problems (see pages 17 through 32) and their solutions cover Induction by Increasing Current in an Infinite Wire; Induction by Changing Loop Area; Sliding Rod Circuit; Motional EMF Near an Infinite Wire; Induction by Changing Magnetic Field; Induction Near an Infinite Wire; Qualitative Induction; Sliding Bar with a Battery; Sliding Bar on Wedges; RC Circuit in a Magnetic Field; Rotating Bar in a Magnetic Field; Rectangular Conducting Loop Pulled Across a Magnetic Field; Bar Magnet Pulled Through a Conducting Loop; Electric Generator Dimensions; Plotting Induction in a Time-Varying Magnetic Field; Pulling a Square Conducting Loop Across a Magnetic Field; and a Falling Loop in a Magnetic Field.

Course: 8.02 Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2007

Instructors: Prof. John Belcher, Dr. Peter Dourmashkin, Prof. Robert Redwine, Prof. Bruce Knuteson, Prof. Gunther Roland, Prof. Bolek Wyslouch, Dr. Brian Wecht, Prof. Eric Katsavounidis, Prof. Robert Simcoe, Prof. Joseph Formaggio, Andy Neely, Matthew Strafuss, Prof. Eric Hudson, Dr. Sen-Ben Liao

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