Career Byte Header_MainThe Creating Career Bytes Toolkit takes you step-by-step through a Career Bytes project--student produced short video interviews with professionals that showcase how they reached their career goals. Career Bytes projects encourage the kids who create and view the videos to explore technology-related careers and provide engaging video interview and video technology experience.

Discover How to Use Career Bytes with Your Students, then view the Career Bytes Step-by-step Overview. To get your project going, explore our video resource section that shows the why's and hows of Career Bytes (in student-produced videos) and offers a link to all Career Bytes videos; map your Career Bytes success using the blueprint guides for creating Career Bytes; and use the practical tools organized by production stage. See our Career Bytes Site Map for an index to all of our resources.
Getting Started Blueprint Guides for Career BytesTools Organized by Production Stage
Video: Why Create Career Bytes?
Why Create Career Bytes
Video: How to Create Career Bytes
How to Create A Career Byte

Career Bytes Video Library
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