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Fish Mummy Overview

Foundations of American Government

Lesson 5.1 Sources of Nazism


Canopic Jars

During mummification the internal organs were removed and placed in four containers. These containers often have human or animal-headed stoppers. The word, canopic, comes from the Greek name of the local god of Canopus in the Nile delta, who was represented as a human-headed pot. Canopic jars can be made of limestone, alabaster, wood, pottery, or even cartonnage. The heads of the canopic jar represented the Four Sons of Horus
From left to right they are;

Duamutef: The jackal or wild dog headed guardian of the stomach
Qebekh-sennuef: The falcon headed guardian of the intestines
Hapy: The baboon headed guardian of the lungs
Imsety: The human headed guardian of the liver
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